Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Actress Jang Mi In Ae Denies Drug Allegations

Jang Mi In Ae was born May 28, 1984 is a South Korean actress best known for her roles in "Soulmate", "My Dear Sister", and the 2013 huge hit "Missing You"/"I Miss You".

In January 2013, she was investigated for illegal use of the narcotic propofol; Jang denied the allegations, claiming she needed the drug as a pain reliever.

I Miss You actress Jang Mi In Ae has denied allegations that she’s been using illegal drugs. This morning, The Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office issued a statement implicating the actress had been using the drug propofol. Sound familiar?

That’s the drug Michael Jackson was on at his time of death. It’s a narcotic used to induce sleep or loss of consciousness and can only be prescribed under a doctor’s care.

Her agency C-JeS Entertainment was quick to issue a statement explaining, “Jang Mi In Ae has been going to clinics since 2002 to receive procedures, and used the drug under doctors’ orders. She had no idea what propofol was until she was called by the prosecutors.

It’s not true that she and other celebrities obtained the drug illegally in the past.” Jang, herself, has denied the allegations.

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JYJ‘s Mickey Yoochun asked his fans to stop criticizing sunbae actress Jang Mi In Ae.


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