Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Can Someone Please Pay K-POP Group "Boyfriend" - no pay for 2 years!

No pay yet for Koean Boy Group "Boyfriend" Apparently Boyfriend has yet to be paid because as they explained on the show The Beatles Code 2.

 The Korean Boy Group "Boyfriend" has not been paid for over two years. They are a  K-POP Idol group with tons of followers. The South Korean boy group under Starship Entertainment formed in 2011. Their huge fanbase was officially named "Best Friend" as of August 10, 2011.

They were given a little over $900 for Luner New Year. But their Company has said there will be no payment until they break even.

Wondering how much it will take to break even? Someone has asked: Who wants to adopt a Boyfriend member and give them an allowance until they get paid? ^_^

Recently, Boyfriend played five sold out Christmas concert shows in Tokyo Dome City Hall in Japan. Tickets to the show were sold out within 10 minutes.

One could only wonder how long this no-pay until you break even would go on in the United States or Europe?

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