Monday, February 11, 2013

Steven Tyler Speaks Out Against Paparazzi at Hearing in Hawaii

The Aerosmith singer advocates for a state law that would allow celebrities to take legal action against invasive photographers.

The feud between celebrities and the paparazzi seems like a never-ending war, with stars citing their right to privacy and photographers combatively shielding themselves with their first-amendment rights. Rock star Steven Tyler appeared Friday at a Hawaii legislative hearing to push a bill, the so-called Steven Tyler Act, which is aimed at protecting celebrities’ privacy.

The bill, which was drafted by Tyler's manager and introduced by Sen. Kalani English, would give celebrities the power to sue paparazzi who take photos or video of their private lives in an offensive way.

The legislation has numerous supporters, both on Capitol Hill and in Hollywood. More than two-thirds of the state Senate co-sponsored the measure, and more than a dozen stars, including Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne, submitted testimony supporting the bill. Rocker Mick Fleetwood was also present at the hearing to speak on the bill’s behalf.


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