Saturday, May 3, 2014

#CincoDeMayo #DUI #Weekend #CHECKPOINTS May 4th and 5th

Newsflash from your Hollywood Attorney:

Cinco De Mayo (which is not Mexican Independence Day, by the way) falls on a Monday this year, so that means everyone has found an excuse to drink throughout the whole weekend instead of just one day. Naturally that means the LAPD have set up DUI checkpoints and heightened patrols throughout the weekend in an effort to ensure the roads are as safe as possible as people celebrate the victory of Mexico over the French Army in 1862.

While some people, including our beloved @LAScanner, may find that giving out advanced warning of DUI crackdowns is like giving out a cheat sheet to people breaking the law, studies have shown that publicizing them will actually decrease the number of drunk drivers on the road.

"People having foresight aren't the ones who are committing this crime," LAPD Chief Charlie Beck once told LAist. "People who are thinking ahead aren't the ones that this checkpoint is likely to catch. I think that the publicity surrounding these things is so important that if you give a couple of locations, that's fine."

Here's the DUI checkpoints and areas with saturation patrols this Cinco De Mayo weekend:

Sunday, May 4:

40 officers in the greater #DTLA area. CHPsouthern "Impaired Driver Task Force" is out on patrol in full force tonight! Nominate a #DesignatedDriver

Monday, May 5:
- saturation patrol in the Central Area from 12 PM-8 PM
- saturation patrol in the Southwest Area from 5 PM-1 AM
- saturation patrols in Hollywood from 5 PM-1 AM and 7 PM-3 AM
 Los Banos, Ca. 7pm - 3am DUI Checkpoint, Undisclosed Location

 Be safe, and have a happy Cinco De Mayo.

Source.... LalistAndChps

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